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That Was Then, This Is Now Summary

May 16, 2011 by katiedeperno · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Bryon is on the hunt for a job but cannot seem to find a break, even at the pool hall/bar he spends much time at and is close friends with. After a much convincing talk to Charlie, the bar owner, he still cannot get the job but can borrow his car. This is great news to Bryon and he decides to ask Cathy to the school dance in which he will drive her in Charlie’s car. Cathy accepts and upon arriving at the school dance, Bryon and Cathy find themselves to be the center of attention. Nobody can seem to recognize Cathy and are curious to find out who Bryon brought as a date. Mark is also at the school dance, but not with a date or any intentions of dancing. Instead Mark is outside in the parking lot where he finds his friend Ponyboy about to get attacked. Ponyboy being Mark’s friend he defends him and ends up being the one that gets attacked, with a bottle to the head that is. Mark is knocked unconscious and following the attack on Mark, Bryon and Cathy exit the school into the parking lot. Bryon discovers that it was his ex-girlfriend that set up the beating on Ponyboy, both him and Mark want to get Angela, Bryon’s ex-girlfriend, back.

My personal reaction to this reading selection was that Mark who was always with Bryon, now seemed annoyed that his best friend was spending time with a girl instead of him. It also pointed out how Mark always seems to be put in back situations and usually he is the one that places himself there. Lets hope these dangerous actions aren’t a cry for attention from Bryon.

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